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Custom Companion Assistance Program

Sun Up & Sun Down Services

We offer customized assistance care programs for individuals in the morning and the evening or both in 2 hour time increments. Additional time can be scheduled with our office if more is still needed.

Morning Assistance

  • Prepares a nutritious breakfast
  • Aids while showering or other morning needs
  • Help getting dressed (shoe laces, buttons, ties, etc.)
  • Daily morning medication reminders
  • Change linens and make the bed
  • Does a load of laundry
  • Straighten up kitchen, wash dishes and clean bathroom

Evening Assistance

  • Cooks a nutritious dinner
  • Clean dishes and kitchen
  • Evening medication reminders
  • Empties the dryer and folds the clothes
  • Assisting with bedtime preparations
  • Turn down bedding and settle client into bed
  • Secure homes windows and doors before departing

NBN can build a custom client care plan for every individual. Use our contact form or call our office at (856) 669-0211 to learn more about these services.

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Our highly skilled companions provide quality care that gives our clients and their families peace of mind.

We are the "Champions of Caring."